02sept. 2016

Export i386 rrd statistic to x86_64 arch

I have recently begun to migrate my old Gentoo i386 to a Centos-7 x86_64. (This explains the change design blog)

You must export the munin rrd to a xml format :

cd /var/lib/munin/blog.yacoubi.fr/
for i in `ls *.rrd`; do rrdtool dump $i > $i.xml; done

To the new server, you just have to import and convert xml file to rrd file :

cd /var/lib/munin/blog.yacoubi.fr/
for i in `ls *.xml`; do rrdtool restore $i `echo $i |sed s/.xml//g`; done
rm -v *.xml

Of course these commands are valid for all rrd file. (cacti for example)